Are you a fan of tuck style holsters?

Well the Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster might be your new favorite.

I got a chance to test out for myself the Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster.


Sometimes an inside the belt and pants tuck holster is just about perfect for concealed carry. This is especially true with the micro sized pistols available today. Just grab the holster with the pistol inside and tuck it where you want it heading out the door. Also for driving or the need to remove the holster to go into government buildings, etc. the tuck holster is easy to manage. Sadly many tuck holsters on the market are on the flimsy side and not as heavily built as they should be. That might have been true for many of those style holsters but now all American made Alien Gear Holsters has made something much better for your concealed carry needs.


For the review I specified a holster that would fit a Kahr PM9 Pistol. I received the Subcompact-Single Stack (Max Barrel Length 3.5″) model in a right hand configuration. Checking out the holster I found that the clip is actually keyed to the awaiting clip base holes. There are three present so you get the ride height you want at a quick adjustment available at any time. Just rotate the clip 180 degrees to remove and replace. Now that is just plain handy to say the least.

I also found that without the clip installed this sized holster is now a handy pocket holster.


This holster sports an outer material that is a little “sticky”. That is meant to help the holster stay in place while the handgun is removed. The inside of the holster is actually quite sturdy and stays open for the handgun to be placed inside.


In actual testing the Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster performed quite well in it’s intended role. The fast on and off holster stays in place well and the draw is quick and smooth. This holster is by farthest the best inside the waistband tuck holster I have ever tested. It also is very comfortable to wear especially over long periods of time.

I highly recommend the Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster for concealed carry. Be sure to check this holster and all of the great Alien Gear Holsters and accessories on their website. With the Alien Gear Iron-Clad Guarantee with a Forever Warranty and a 30 Day Test Drive they have you covered.

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