Alien Gear Holsters has a new shoulder holster on the market.

Ready for a new and improved handgun holster? I tested out an addition to the already popular ShapeShift Holster product line, the Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster.

I can remember when “Miami Vice” was popular on television, can you? The heroes always had their full-sized handguns under their light sport coat, at the ready in a concealed shoulder holster.

Well, at least Hollywood got that right. A shoulder holster is a great option, and Alien Gear Holsters has capitalized on that.

The company has been working to improve the ShapeShift modular holster system ever since it was first created. They knew it would be great to have a shoulder holster option, and they seem to have finally perfected the application.

The ultra-handy and dependable ShapeShift Holster line was already great, and this version will offer you more comfort and options.

Made from premium English Bridle Leather, the shoulder holster sports CoolVent Neoprene, sewn with edge binding added beneath to cushion the holster and wick sweat from the leather.

There is elastic inside the contoured leather shoulder harness, making for a truthful comfort level that lasts all day. The holster also includes a pair of magazine holders that can be removed for an even slimmer package.

The entire Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster can be adjusted to different cant angles in seconds, and can be used in a variety of ride heights.

I used my Glock 17 pistol, but there are many ShapeShift shells for various handguns. Check to see if your model is available, but odds are it is.

It always pays to read the instructions with something like this, and I found the video really helped me wrap my head around its use.

The thing is, you can set up your Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster for your own personal fit. In just a few minutes, you’ll see how it will pay off big when you carry.

I wanted to get started trying out the ShapeShift Shoulder Holster, and it was instantly obvious that Alien Gear certainly did their research. The shoulder essentially holster moves with you, thanks to the wise use of a swiveling back plate and strategically-placed elastic.

The belt clips added to the rigidness of the holster, and they really allow for a quick draw. Plus, the ShapeShift Holster itself is adjustable for retention. That’s the  style of carry I found to be my personal favorite.

There’s also a thumb release and a thumb break for extra retention if you prefer, but I found they weren’t entirely necessary. It’s still good to have the choice. That is the beauty of the whole ShapeShift system: It can be tailored to your needs very quickly.

When I adjusted the retention, I found the holster made an audible click. This told me the handgun was locked in, and I appreciated the confirmation.

When I quickly grabbed it with my dominant right hand, the handgun was still there in a moment’s notice. Speed is sort of a relative term here. The smoothness and simplicity almost naturally promoted the speed, and this was easily the shortest amount of time it took to have my Glock at the ready position.

The ShapeShift Shoulder Holster melts out of sight under a light jacket. Each time I tried to manipulate it felt stress and worry free.

The real beauty of the ShapeShift Core Carry Pack Kit is the fact that all their expansion packs allow you to carry in different styles. Want to go leg drop, IWB, OWB, appendix carry, or even attach the ShapeShift shell directly to rucksacks with MOLLE attachments? They can do that.

The shoulder rig is just one of many ways the ShapeShift System can be customized for your self defense carry desires.

Alien Gear Holsters offers a 30-Day Test Drive of their U.S.-made products, and there’s a lifetime warranty on all of the components.

Impressed? The Alien Gear Website can tell you more, and the ShapeShift Shoulder Holster can change your shoulder carry expectations.

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