Ever get tired of shooting those plain paper targets?

Punching holes in paper can sometimes be very mundane. I got instead to try out Triumph Systems Splatter Targets.

We’ve all been at the gun range shooting little holes through a cheaply made paper target. Where are we even hitting on the target? How do we even know until we either walk downrange or hit the target return in an indoor range? This has been a big problem in the past.

Product designers at Triumph Systems decided to change all that with the introduction of their Splatter Targets. Lets take a close look at how well this reactive target system will stand up to the ultimate test of hot lead.

The three-in-one Splatter Targets are Triumph’s hot new product. These American-made shooting targets come in a package with three different styles to pick from.

First, you have the always-hungry zombie target:

Next there’s the irate cyclops, which looks ready for you to target.

Then there’s even a Yeti target. Which of these would you want to shoot the most?

Adhesive Threat Down repair stickers are applied to the targets so instant visible impact bullet hits are easily spotted. When you shoot up one sticker, apply another one over it for a new target. That’s certainly brilliant and with plenty of bullet hole repair stickers, these targets will survive many shots. As training tools, more shots result in better accuracy. Defensive training never has been this fun with standard paper targets. Stick with these fully reactive targets for some serious enjoyment.

Range day came and the zombie target picked the short straw. My wife was ready for zombie removal with a .22 rifle. Whether you’re shooting from short range or long range, you can easily spot the bullet impacts from your bench. You may need a spotting scope, depending on how far you’re shooting, but it’s very easy to see. Whether you’re using an air rifle or a .45-70-caliber rifle, these targets with get the job done.

Eric Nestor

I found Triumph Systems Splatter Targets to be incredibly fun. With instant feedback from the high-visibility bullet holes, sight adjustment and critique was a cinch. I would highly recommend the Triumph Splatter Targets for new or advanced shooters. They’re great training aids you can use and just about every gun range out there.

The replacement reactive stickers were plentiful for repairs on the targets. With plenty of these reactive patches, the shooting continued on. Hats off to how many to them for how many they were able to pack onto one sheet!

Triumph Systems also offers the Threat Down and Ethical Harvest, which come complete with gel pop packs in different colors and individual cells. The reactive splatter cells also give no doubts to bullet impacts. These responsive targets are really fun to shoot, too.

These targets should not be a trade secret any longer. Be sure to check out the whole Triumph Systems product line on their website and put boring targets behind you.

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