Are you in the market for a new game camera this season?

Covert Scouting Cameras are incredible products that bring the wilds to your computer. The great folks at Covert Scouting Cameras sent me a Covert Red Maverick to give a thorough review, and this is what I found.

I snapped this quick picture of the packaging before tearing into it like a kid at Christmas.

Nestor Photography

First off, as you may be aware, game cameras have gotten very small over the last couple years. The diminutive size of this camera is 5.5″x 4.875″x 2.5″. Now, that is impressive. Mossy Oak Break-Up Country is the color scheme that allows this handy little unit to blend right in. A 5-foot camouflage web strap is what secures this scouting camera to your handy tree. Less for your game animals or sticky-fingered thieves to notice.

Taking a closer look, we find the right side on the camera has a latch that firmly stays put until you push it up to open the outer shell. This allows the outer shell with rubber gasket to stay watertight and protect the brains of the operation, the actual camera itself. The camera has a .4 second trigger speed, can do burst pictures up to 10, and can do 1080P HD videos with audio. I really like the audio feature. You can pick combinations of videos and pictures easily. It has 42 infrared LED’s for night use. The 100 foot infrared flash range and 12 megapixels capture great videos and pictures.

The Covert Red Maverick Scouting Camera uses eight AA batteries but will also run on only four batteries in an emergency. Now, that could certainly come in handy. I used Energizer Max+Powerseal Batteries for my whole review. The right side houses the SD card that will take from 4GB to 32GB. I have been running a 4GB mini-SD card in an adapter and it has worked really well with zero problems.

A reinforced tripod mount is located on the bottom of the unit. A 1.5″ color viewer makes set up easier and also previewing your images and videos out in the field.

The tree-ward side of the unit has a molded cutout for the mounting strap. It also has a spot for a cable lock to give you security. Serrations on the back of the outer case help keep the camera stable when mounted. A two-year warranty keeps you going in case you hit a problem.

This unit can be password protected. That means if someone does decided to steal your Covert Red Maverick Scouting Camera they will have just a paper weight. That might really come in handy as there is no anti-theft locking latch on this model to keep the outer case from opening by a human intruder. With some light steel cable and some ingenuity that problem could be fixed easily by the user at home by making a small cable that extends around the front and locks with a padlock if needed. That way everything is locked down.

Well now you know all about the Covert Red Maverick Scouting Camera. How are the pictures and videos you ask? I was curious what had been getting into the hummingbird feeders in the yard and the culprit has been found.

This doe at my fall hunting spot is exploring the fresh cut lane. Check out that incredible clarity.

After dark this sneaky doe was on camera at the same location. The distant and clarity of images and videos at night is very impressive.

So what do I personally think about the Covert Red Maverick Scouting Camera after actual field use? First off, the size and coloration blend this camera in really well. Better take notes where you left this little camera, or you might just lose it. The clarity of day and night images and videos is just astounding, as you can see in the videos above.

Since the camera can be removed from the case, you can just take that out and view your captured images and video comfortably. When you’re ready to leave, just pop that camera back in the case, turn it on and you are on your way. Massive driving rain did not get into the case, and neither did insects.

With so many selections on trigger sensitivity, time when the camera will be asleep, video, burst images and others you truly can tailor what you need from the Covert Red Maverick Scouting Camera at a moment’s notice. It is truly user friendly. I do really like this little scouting camera, and I am quite impressed with it and the friendly folks at Covert Scouting Cameras.

If you are in the market for a great game camera, I’d consider the incredible Covert Red Maverick Scouting Camera. See them online at Covert Scouting Camera’s site.