How good is a .410 shotgun slug anyway?

A ballistics gel test tells it all.

If you are a .410 shotgun shooter better watch this video.

Ever try a .410 bore shotgun slug for deer hunting or thought about it? Well the best test for actual usage is certainly ballistics gelatin.

YouTuber Buffalo’s Outdoors decided to test out the traditional Remington Rifled Slug against the Brenneke slug. Seeing is believing when we witness which slug absolutely dominates the testing.  The Brenneke far surpasses the penetration over the old school rifled slug the Remington load offers.

If you are thinking about using a .410 shotgun slug be sure to test for the best accuracy above all else and keep your shots close. While there are many better options to use the little .410 bore slug will get the job done at close range in an expert’s hands. Aim small. miss small!

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