Think a 12 gauge shotgun is too much for a squirrel?

Well how about the speedy .22-250 cartridge?

Witness the pest hunt that pits the .22-250 cartridge against ravenous gray squirrels.

What happens when pests go after your crops? Well it’s time to start shooting.

In this case YouTuber Fieldsports Channel in the U.K. is out for gray squirrels. Meat is not of the utmost importance and the ranges are quite long against these crop stealing tree climbing menaces. This hunter uses a long range cartridge not generally thought of to use for squirrel hunting, the .22-250. With a suppressed rifle he takes on squirrel after squirrel with devastating results.

I feel that the loads this hunter was using through the suppressor must be subsonic and low powered. With a high velocity load those squirrels would have been just a red mist. Obviously ground shots were the rule even with lighter loads. I would not recommend a .22-250 if you have any thought of a squirrel dinner.

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