Clothing is your ultimate gear against the brutal environment. 

Sitka Gear is well aware of this and build their clothing as serious outdoor gear.

I got a chance to test out the Sitka Gear Dry Creek Fleece and this is how it performed.


One of the ultimate ways to keep warm is be sure your core stays at a manageable temperature for ultimate performance. You need to stay warm but wick moisture away to avoid wet heat sapping clothing. What is needed is a medium weight moisture wicking fleece jacket that is built tough for outdoor activities and chores.


When searching for such a crucial piece of wearable gear I was sent the Sitka Gear Dry Creek Fleece in covert coloration and in size large. This olive drab color is a great addition for a jacket due to it’s usefulness in both the outdoors and in town. It blends in well when out to dinner or sitting in your turkey blind.

Lets take a look at the construction of the Sitka Gear Dry Creek Fleece. There is a wicking back piece of fabric that is meant to move moisture away from your body when you sweat. Polygiene construction allows you to stay stink free for longer which is very important on longer trips to the backwoods. What about pockets for your gear? Well there is a chest pocket perfect for your phone or other objects and two hand warmer pockets. All are well secured with zippers as all outdoors clothing should have so no items are lost on the trail.


The fleece lining really warms you up fast by trapping heat as soon as you put on the jacket. It is ultra soft and comfortable. The soft design of the Dry Creek Fleece allows it to be noiseless in the outdoors. While not marketed as a water resistant jacket my tests of spraying water on the jacket proved to go very well. Water rolled off of it like water off a duck’s back. Caught out in a sprinkle you would still stay dry.

When testing this jacket I received it in early February. Here in Ohio, the weather gets quite cold. Using the Dry Creek Fleece Jacket as a mid-layer underneath an outer coat proved to be a great idea. Overheating was not an issue and it certainly will boost the low temperature rating of any over coat when in use. Layering is always the key and should never be forgotten. As a stand alone jacket moderate temperatures would be the rule or in lower temperatures when the user is making lots of heat being active like running, cutting firewood, etc.


In summary I found the Sitka Gear Dry Creek Fleece Jacket to be warm, soft and very quiet. The pockets are handy and secure, while the collar can be pulled up to keep your neck warm. What would I do different if it was a custom made jacket? I would add a fleece hood to keep your ears and head warm. I am partial though to hoods on any jacket though so it is just my preference.

Be sure to check out the Sitka Gear Dry Creek Fleece Jacket and all of the other great gear Sitka Gear offers on their website. Remember you get what you pay for and quality gear always tops discount when it counts most.

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