Has Traditions come up with the perfect matrix of a modern rifle and a muzzleloader?

This muzzleoader uses cartridges already loaded with powder.

Check out this video and ask yourself would you buy one?

If you are a muzzleloader fan you know the routine. If it’s loading a round ball down a traditional style percussion fired black powder rifle it’s load powder, ram your patch round ball (or conical, sabot, etc.) down the barrel, and cap your ignition. When you fire, repeat all of the above. If it’s a flintlock of course prime your pan instead of capping your smoke pole. Traditional shooters love this method. Why reinvent the wheel?

Traditions certainly has taken that method and all but erased it. The new Traditions NitroFire is a .50 caliber muzzleloader inline rifle that takes the all new Federal Firestick as the ignition. That loads from the breech end after you ram your projectile into position from the muzzle. A 209 shotgun primer goes into the back of the already loaded Federal Firestick. This sort of powder charge cartridge is said to keep moisture from the powder and eliminate misfires and allow easier loading and unloading of the rifle. Inline muzzleloading rifles have just taken a big step in the evolution chain toward a traditional centerfire rifle.

Would you buy such a muzzleloader or our you a traditional black powder aficionado? Well personally I will not be leaving my old Hawken style .58 caliber black powder rifle loaded with a patched round ball at home for deer season. The choice is ultimately yours. We are all fellow hunters and use what best suits your needs and your skills.

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