Ever wish you could shoot those annoying mice and other pests?

Back in a past time you actually could with traps that shot bullets.

Witness the 1862 Cannon Mousetrap in action that gave users the most bang for their mice.

YouTuber Shawn Woods has a reproduction of a better mousetrap that truly blasts pests. Known as the 1862 Mouse Killer Cannon Mouse Trap it is literally a tiny cannon.

This mouse trap is actually a small caliber muzzleloading boobytrap. Load your charge and your choice of projectile and add a percussion cap. Now carefully set it and don’t shoot yourself with it. When a pest pushes up on the lever when eating scattered bait it gets a face full of lead. Yes in this day and age live setting such a trap would be a very dangerous thing that might involve charges and a law suit.

Back in the day when set guns were widely used we just have to wonder how many trappers became the victims of their own traps? Better stick to the average mouse trap but what a neat historical idea.

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