Will loaded magazines lose spring tension over time?

Who better than YouTuber Hickok45 to answer that question?

Hickok45 checks out the urban legend of leaving magazines loaded causes them to lose spring tension over time.

Many have contemplated the truth to this urban myth and question that has been around since the advent of the box magazine. Will loaded magazines lose spring tension over time?

This question has had many gunners unloading their magazines after our shooting trip for storage. Other shooters rotate their mags so all of them get equal use.

Hickok45 sets us straight that magazine springs fatigue with unloading and loading. They do not lose tension from a loaded magazine that is just sitting still. Now that the old question is answered load up those magazines for when you need them most. I have experienced this myself over all of my years shooting and can certainly vouch for Hickok45’s statement. Leave those mags loaded boys and girls with no fear of spring tension loss.

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