Lead prices for casting bullets is at an all time high.

Better harvest your own at outdoor ranges.

Here is a video that shows the easy way to harvest lead on an outdoor range.

What isn’t expensive these days? Even scrap lead is going for a premium. If you are a lead caster you can certainly agree the supply is a lot scarcer in these trying times.

In this video shared by YouTuber CountryBoyPrepper we see the easy way to harvest lead. Your local outdoor gun range is the place to be (with permission) on a dry day when the weapons are not hot. Use a sifter much like those used in archeology digs, dig and sift back into the hole you just made. What you are left with is mostly fired projectiles.

With this quick tip you will be reaping the rewards in less time than picking each projectile. Why buy projectiles when you can cast them from free lead…just sayin’!

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