New Years resolutions can be helpful. 

That is especially the case when you are an angler.

Here are our my 10 resolutions for a better fishing new year.

10. Fish more.

We all say we will fish more every year. Sometimes life gets in the way. Lets make more time this year and actually hit the water more often.

9. Take your families fishing.

Why should we have of the fun? Take your family out fishing. You might get out more when your new fishing buddies want to fish more too. It’s a win win in my book.

8. Make sure your fish stories are backed by pictures.

A pictures is worth a thousand words, and it beats using your hands to tell the story too. There is less disputing pictures (though your buddies will find a way).

7. Budget for that new boat, rod and reel combo or other fishing tool. 

We could all use a new toy this year. Plan ahead and save those pennies for your next fishing gear of choice.

6. Bring your meals with you to stay longer.

This beats being hungry and cutting the trip short. Be prepared and avoid leaving the biting fish when your stomach begins to announce it’s presence.

5. Remember the bait and lures.

It sure is a hassle to root under logs looking for worms when the bait shop was on the way to the fishing hole.

4. Make a fishing budget fund.

When you need something, you will have the cash to buy it without any headaches. This beats searching for other angler’s lost bobbers in the treetops.

3. Be more patient.

Fishing is a sport of patience, and I am an angler with little patience.

2. Leave the bait in the water longer.

I am guilty of this angler’s curse. Be patient and your chances are better than constantly changing bait and lures.

1. Bring a good chair or butt cushion.

Whether you are sitting on the bank or in a boat, it can literally be a pain in the butt to fish without a good seat. Be prepared and cushion that keister!

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