What happens when a machete wielding man breaks down the door?

Well he gets a hot load of lead justice.

Witness the machete vs. gun fight that ends just how you imagine it does all caught on video.

When reportedly Twain Thomas, a 54 year old neighbor of James Cvengros, decided to break down his neighbor’s door he was in for a surprise. Mr. Cvengros was armed with a handgun on the other side.

With video rolling shared by YouTuber New York Daily News we witness the machete wielding attacker get through the hollow core door in shear moments. The quickness of the whole situation is just incredible. As the attacker comes through the door he is warned multiple times to stop and that the resident has a gun. The attacker did not care.  He ended up shot, laying on the ground and making sounds like the Sponge Bob episode when he was out of water. Yes, true story.

The aftermath of this video is that Twain Thomas got 15 years for attempted murder of the resident. Yes he survived being shot and now will be serving time for his crime.

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