Ever witness a chain fire in a cap & ball revolver?

Well this shooter did and caught it on camera.

Witness the revolver chain fire that is a cautionary tale for all cap & ball revolver shooters.

Are you a cap & ball revolver shooter? Better take heed on safety practices on loading your revolver or the dreaded chain fire may be your future.

In a video shared by YouTuber avvsomTV we get a close look in slow motion at what a chain fire in a cap & ball revolver. The fired chamber ignites the other chambers loaded also when fired. The whole revolver becomes a handheld ball of flame that might be sending shrapnel in the form of revolver pieces or soft lead round ball chunks. Nothing you would care to hold onto.

When firing any weapon never try to hot rod your loads. Stick to the manufacturers recommendations that are there for a reason. Always be careful.

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