The High Standard Model 10B Bullpup Shotgun was a law enforcement scattergun I know well.

I had one years back and it’s interesting Kentucky Ballistics got ahold of one to test.

Check out his findings and also my footnotes on this out of this world design that was ahead of it’s time.


Two decades ago a trip to the local gun shop yielded a peculiar sight. It was a used High Standard Model 10B Bullpup shotgun complete with the working Kel-Lite flashlight attached but missing the folding carry handle. The salesman described how it could be used one handed by a police officer to keep the other open for a ballistic shield. Well, I had to have it.

Testing it out was a ton of fun. With shotgun slugs I realized quickly that tall front sight needed to shrink. A quick Dremel Tool later (gunsmiths and collectors shriek in terror!) it was dead on with slugs. I ran everything from the heaviest slugs down to light power Federal bulk pack Walmart #8 all purpose loads and never had a jam. Kentucky Ballistics was not so lucky with his M10B. Overall it was a lot of fun, but it was traded off many years back.

Collector prices have gone up on unique weapons such as this. If you see one in good shape bring it home. They are indeed quite amusing and certainly will turn heads at the local range.

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