When most think of police shotguns 12 gauge comes to mind.

Well the Ithaca Mag 10 Road Blocker is a massive 10 gauge behemoth.

Kentucky Ballistics has way too much fun testing out this impressive beast in slow motion.


Ithaca back in 1978 decided to offer the law enforcement market a shorter barreled Mag-10 autoloading shotgun. It was marketed as the Road Blocker for its intended use of stopping automobiles, among really everything else. It had a good run until 1986 as a massive powerhouse firing 3 hard hitting 10 gauge magnum loads as fast as the shooter could pull the trigger.

Firearm horsepower junky YouTuber Kentucky Ballistics got his hands on a beautiful old school Road Blocker. He indeed had an absolute blast shooting everything he could think of all captured in slow motion too. Such power has to be witnessed to be believed!

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