Ever dream of leaving your home and moving to the Alaskan wilds?

Well Shon and Ann Parker took their dream and made it a reality.

I got a chance to read Ann Parker’s book “Follow Me To Alaska” and here is what it’s all about.


I might be a bit biased in this review. I have to come clean. I have dreamed of moving to Alaska for most of my life. When I found out that Ann Parker wrote a book about doing just that I had to review it. Yes, I might be living vicariously through the words in this book about Mr. & Mrs. Parker’s Alaskan adventures. You might also follow me down this rabbit hole into a world of modern day Alaskan adventure.

Alaska is a place of wonder and mystery. There is a certain romantic notion of dropping off  the civilized map, and the grid. Being self sufficient is such a great feel for those that can attain it. It is not an easy path to follow. There are a million reasons that can keep you from following your dreams. Shon and Ann Parker decided to follow their own path up to the great north and make it their home.


Shon Parker’s law enforcement career and Ann’s teaching career were major stress factors. They lived in a cul-de-sac in El Paso, Texas and they needed something else in life. They needed a common goal to bring them together as they were years before. Follow me to Alaska was the only words Ann needed to hear from Shon. An adventure of a lifetime was about to happen! The excitement is contagious while reading the words of Ann herself. Yes the naysayers were there such as family and friends in Texas. Even as early Alaskans they ran into some of that negativity from others in Alaska itself though the residents were and are very cordial in their own unique ways. Alaskans are a helpful folk that are unlike many in the lower 48 states. They are there for you in good times and bad times. Both Shon and Ann would learn just how necessary the helpful and quite interesting men and women of Alaska can be. These true friends are quite interesting to learn about throughout the book. They also fit in the whole story of God’s plan on the future of the Parker’s in a cabin on Cub Lake.

Speaking of the Good Lord, Shon and Ann Parker’s faith kept them on the right path and continues to do so. Adversity in the form of Arctic Cat ATV eating muskeg and the sometimes deadly art of bush piloting tested everything they were made of. Oh I should also mention bears, dangerous water crossings and thin ice. Everything was out to get them especially in the beginning of their Alaskan odyssey. Then a terrible plane crash that almost cost Shon his life came crashing into their party of life. Even in troubled times, the necessary life saving precautions had been set up by God. The path might be rough but it is quite navigable for the true believer.

Want to know more? Well you are just going to have to buy the book!


I found this book to be easy to read with well written 244 pages of text and accompanying pictures. To be honest it was hard to put the book down. “Follow Me To Alaska” certainly pulls you in and you feel like you are in the adventure also in first person with the Parker’s and their colorful Alaskan friends and of course Kuma the faithful dog. If you have ever dreamed of dropping everything and heading to Alaska this is the book for you. If you are an adventure book enthusiast there is no better adventure than these true life ordeal that put the Parker’s on the Alaskan map. Looking for a lesson in faith? Well you will find it too. Ann Parker did a great job writing this wonderful book and sharing their adventures with us. I also want to thank Mrs. Parker for sending me a copy of this book for thorough review.


Be sure to pack up your very own copy of “Follow Me To Alaska” by Ann Parker available on Amazon. Also be sure to follow her Facebook page. When will the next book be written? Well Mrs. Parker I really hope soon! You certainly will have a big fan club waiting on more adventures of Shon and Ann Parker in the great wilds of Alaska. Stay safe and watch those bush plane landings!

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