Has this year gotten the best of your range time?

Well indoor practice might be the best it gets for awhile.

Check out Speer Plastic Bullets in action that puts the gun range in your home.

This year has been like no other. For many reasons you might find yourself stuck at home and away from the range. Too bad you don’t have an indoor range right? Well it is possible…

In this video shared by YouTuber theKGB65 we get to see Speer Plastic Bullets in action. The plastic projectiles and cases are powered by a large pistol primer. Once fired the cases and projectiles are reusable. Load them back up and plink away at your homemade gun range.

Word of caution is never fire these at anyone or pets. Make sure the backstop will capture the projectiles and the noise of a primer going off will not cause you grief with neighbors or the spouse. Also, don’t punch holes in your couch or you might find yourself in the doghouse.

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