Ever have an unwanted visitor to your campsite?

What would you do if it was a bear this large?

Witness the camp visiting bear that might give you second thoughts.

Smokey the Bear this big beast is not. How would you fix this volatile situation? This video shared by YouTuber WILD LIFE HD might really open your eyes to what could happen.

Talking to this bear in a low quiet voice might make it at ease. What about keeping quiet? Yelling at this alpha predator might make it run away, or trigger a fight instinct. How about a blast of bear spray? Is the wind in your favor or the bear’s favor? At that range will your master blaster that is loaded for bear put out enough lead to make a harmless bear or will it eat you and your tent like a human burrito?

In that split moment all of the above thoughts might streak through your head. The question is: What would you do?

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