The historic Delong Lures is back in business!

The first plastic worm was poured by them way back in 1946 in Akron, Ohio.

The new Delong Lures Company is casting them like before now in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Delong Lures

Ever wish you could go back in time? Remember the small lure making companies that were local? Well Delong Lures has been long over due to be brought back to life.

Delong Lures

The company, Delong Lures, was born back in 1946 in Akron, Ohio by the founder David Delong. He is credited with pouring the first plastic worm that then launched the familiar lures we all use and love. Into the early 1980’s Mr. Delong made his famous lures. He then sold the company out of state and a while later it was just a memory.

Now two brothers, Aaron and Brandon Futrell, along with their cousin Stephen Ziegler have resurrected this classic lure company from the dead. A new beginning has begun for this once very popular plastic lure making company right back near where it all started in Ohio.

Delong Lures

Many of the great oldies of long ago are being made in the original molds. If you would like to know more about Delong Lures, check out their website. This small lure company with all hand made in the U.S.A. lures is what we should all strive to purchase from to support our great nation. Keep up the great work Delong Lures and I look forward to seeing your new old school lures stocked at the local tackle shops and beyond.

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