Why do we hunt?

Have you thought long and hard on that subject?

Author Aaron B. Futrell takes us on an in depth look at Why We Hunt in his new book.


I received an email message from Mr. Futrell after sharing my own little article here on my website entitled “Why We Hunt“. You see he wrote a book on that very subject and wanted me to do a review on it. I was very interested what this also Ohio based and raised hunter had to say about the very topic we ask ourselves many times when the hunts go bad. You know, the days when the skies open up fury upon us. The days we freeze to our stands and see nothing. We have all been there.

Mr. Futrell lays the groundwork for his study on his upbringing in a hunting family. He shares great stories of his hunts with his grandfather who played a major part along with other family members on his passion for hunting. I can attest to how much a grandparent can do for a young future hunter. My grandmother played a major part and sowed the seeds of the great outdoors at an early age. Many of us lucky enough to have such a mentor in our lives can certainly agree it helps greatly in the development of the future hunter.

The five motivations are broken down into a series of chapters. Each chapter and subject is quite thought provoking and causes inner contemplation on why we personally hunt. It is different for all of us but certainly this thorough yet easy to read study hits the nail on the head.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is “What motivates us to go hunting is the reason it is fun. It is a challenging adventure filled with camaraderie and is rewarded with spiritual fulfillment and hopefully, in the end, delicious meat to share with friends and family.” Well said.

Why We Hunt is certainly well written and should be read by every hunter as a case study on what makes us tick on the inside. It is also a very useful read for non-hunters to find out what a true hunter, a true sportsman and conservationist, is all about. We love our great outdoors and the animals we chase.

Be sure to pick up your own copy of Why We Hunt by Aaron B. Futrell. It is a great read that I give 5 stars and then some. Great job Mr. Futrell and happy hunting always.

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