Need a deep concealment method for your carry handgun?

Well this belly band holster might be right for you.

How deep can you conceal a full sized handgun? Well the key is keeping that firearm close to your body to avoid the tell tale signs on your clothing of a weapon underneath. Belly band holsters literally tape a handgun against your body. That way a light overshirt is all that’s needed to conceal your handgun of choice.

Let’s take a quick look at some listed features:

  • Belly band holster
  • Premium durable nylon
  • Very tight and resistant material
  • High carry comfort
  • Takes in a gun and 2 extra magazines
  • Enough room for documents
  • Ideal for everyday concealed carry
  • Available in the following sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Taking a first look at the Craft Holsters Breathable Belly Band Holster I noticed the robust build and quality stitching. The Velcro closure is quite heavy duty and the holster is a smaller version of a weight lifting belt in comparison. This belly band holster made by Falco Holsters for Craft Holsters features elastic pockets throughout it’s length. On the right side, there is a universal sized holster pocket with a Velcro retaining strap. On the left side (I chose the right handed version) there is another Velcro retaining strap pouch that has a square shape. This would be a good spot for a small wallet or smart phone.

Designed for waist or stomach carry, the Craft Holsters Breathable Belly Band Holster is at home directly under a shirt against your skin or on a shirt under another outer garment. I prefer the over another shirt for rigorous activities such as hiking.

How to measure your size is below:

Note: Before selecting the correct belly band size, make sure you properly measure your waist circumference. Then, select the size that indicates the sizing interval your waist circumference falls under. Each belly band size in the “size” drop-down menu comes with two values. The value on the left indicates what’s the smallest waist size the given belt size is appropriate for. The value on the right indicates the largest waist size the given belly band size will fit. Example – If your waist circumference is 33.4”, you should select the size S. If it’s more than 35.4”, you should pick the size M.

Testing out the Craft Holsters Breathable Belly Band Holster I tried a variety of handguns. From 1911 .45 handguns to smaller revolvers and other handguns the holster fit them all. Pictured is a large sized Glock 21 .45 ACP. handgun. The universal size is thanks to the elastic nature of the holster itself. Spare magazines tucked nicely into the spare pockets. The handguns were held close to the body and were easily concealed by an outer shirt or jacket over them.

The Craft Holsters Breathable Belly Band Holster is very comfortable and does not move during rigorous activities. I really like the universal handgun size which allows me to carry what I want, when I want. Best of all, the trigger is always covered while in the holster for added safety.

I do really like the Craft Holsters Breathable Belly Band Holster and recommend it to anyone that needs a deep concealment method of carry. Be sure to check the Craft Holsters Breathable Belly Band Holster and all of the other great products over at the Craft Holsters website.

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