Looking for a new game camera this season?

Quality made Covert Scouting Cameras have your hunting area covered.

Covert Scouting Cameras sent out the model NBF22 for my thorough review.


I currently run only Covert Scouting Cameras for monitoring my hunting areas and my chicken house (to watch for predators). When I received the model NBF22 I knew this camera would have quite a lot to live up to compared to previously reviewed models.


Taking a look at the box we see a preview of what to expect in performance from the NBF22 scouting camera. There is a lot to like with this model:


.4 trigger speed

1-10 turbo shot burst

720P video with audio

100′ flash range

MaXimum Silence Image Capture

Up to 32GB SD card compatible


1.5″ display screen

Start-Stop (set time when camera is taking footage and when off)

40 invisible flash LED’s

Time lapse capability

Time/date/temp/moon phase stamp

Pipe through security

Reinforced tripod mount

Runs on 8 AA batteries (will run on 4 for short term)

2 year warranty

The camera also came with its own nylon web mounting strap. Yes there is much more features too all found in the included instruction manual.


Lets take a closer look at the Covert Scouting Cameras NBF22. When the camera case is open you can see on the right side the battery compartment. I choose to run Energizer Lithium Batteries in all of my cameras due to the long life and great performance even in extreme temperatures.


The left side of the open camera is your operating system. The 1.5″ display screen is where your information is read and captured images and videos can be viewed afield. In this image the video option has been chosen, batteries are full, and the SD card is empty.


The Covert Scouting Cameras NBF22 has locking loops to add a small lock (not included) if desired. This way another person might not help themselves to your images, batteries and SD card.


For a more complete theft protection add your padlock and your locking security cable or steel band of choice. The pipe through security will keep your camera safe from most thieves where you left it.


With the review well underway, I decided to check out three spots on the property I hunt. First off the Covert Scouting Cameras NBF22 images and videos are very clear. This quite wide buck took a stroll through a dark woodland tunnel toward a field in the early morning hours. Note on still images that the date, time, temperature and moon phases are available for view.


Below is the video of a young coyote out in the rain who was lucky I was not in the ground blind in the back of the video on the right side. Turn up the volume to share the overall experience of almost being there.

The below doe was just as content as could be eating fresh leaves. Once again listen and you can actually hear her walking around and eating her afternoon snack.

Night time is no problem for the Covert Scouting Cameras NBF22. This young coyote thought under the cloak of darkness it was safe from observation. Well it was caught on video with great clarity from invisible flash that really lit the area up bright. Oh yes, there is audio with this video too.

From videos to still images the Covert Scouting Cameras NBF22 ran great without issues. Battery life was optimal and I captured even bee images in mid air on occasion. The sensitivity adjustments really let you tailor the camera itself to the environmental conditions for your scouting needs. Also the small 5.1″x 4″x 2.9″ size really hides the unit well when deployed. The unit stayed dry during major thunderstorms. Extreme heat along with sharp humidity and temperature changes had no negative impacts on this tough little scouting camera. The operational menu is extremely easy to navigate and the viewing screen is very visible even in bright sunlight. Once again I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of build and the great images and videos Covert Scouting Cameras are known for.

If you are on the hunt for a quality scouting camera I highly recommend the Covert Scouting Cameras NBF22. Best of all there is a 2 year warranty in case you run into any issues in the future. Check out the Covert Scouting Cameras website to see the NBF22 and all of the other great quality game camera options.

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