Wish you had color scouting camera photos at night?

Covert Scouting Cameras heard you loud and clear.

I got a chance to review Covert Scouting Cameras Hollywood Cam and here is what it can do.

The Classic Woodsman

Remember the old school visible flash scouting cameras? When low light conditions were present they would flash a quick bright flash to captured the target in front of the camera. When the I.R. flash came to the game camera world there was no looking back. Well, sorta… The problem of I.R. invisible flash cameras is the images are mostly black and white. Gone is any chance for true color to be captured. The Covert Scouting Cameras Hollywood Cam has dual white flash technology that is quite bright. It is a momentarily bright flash though enough for a quality picture but not enough to spook game. The 52 degree field of view of this 5.5″ × 4.875″ × 2.5″ Mossy Oak camouflage will capture quite a large amount of game activity in front of the unit.

The Classic Woodsman

The Hollywood Camera is powered by 8 size AA batteries but will also function on only 4 AA batteries if needed. The inner unit removes from the dry box style case that sports a tough rubber gasket and a strong seal from rain, snow and insects. View your images captured afield using the 1.5″ color viewer. This unit will accept up to a 32GB SD card and has a super quick .4 second trigger time. With 18 megapixel images available and 1080p HD Day videos with audio available you have many options on how to capture your chosen game. Pipe through security keeps the Hollywood Cam locked down from thieves or choose the reinforced tripod mount. A mounting strap is supplied with the camera. Of course Time/Date/Temp/Moon phase stamps are present on your photos and videos.

The Classic Woodsman

The big question is how well does the Hollywood Cam do in the big screen of the wilds? I sent up the Covert Scouting Cameras Hollywood Cam monitoring a salt block on a pallet in a swamp. This area had many willing subjects to pose in front of the camera. Below a big doe gives the camera her best smile. As you can see the quality of the image is very impressive.

The Classic Woodsman

How well does the Hollywood Cam do at night? The bright white flash seemed to matter little to all game encountered. Maybe the deer in the next images thought it was lightning bugs or a lightning flash? Either way they could really care less and at times stood gazing into the camera image after image. These stars just love the limelight I would say. Notice the colors actually captured in the night images.

The Classic Woodsman

A big buck I had been watching for well over a year made his rounds many times past the Hollywood Camera. Yes even this seasoned buck was not spooked by the visible white flash.

The Classic Woodsman

This buck in velvet saunters past the Hollywood Cam placed in video mode. Turn up your volume and it’s almost like being there.

A doe and her happy fawn frolic down the trail in search of the right greens.

After testing the Covert Scouting Cameras Hollywood Cam I can attest it is waterproof. This early summer heavy rains in Ohio has caused everywhere to flood and the Hollywood Cam stayed nice and dry inside. I had no problems with functioning and I can stand behind the Hollywood Cam is a great addition for any hunter or wildlife viewing enthusiast.

Check out the Covert Scouting Cameras Hollywood Cam and all of the other great products they offer on their website. Covert Scouting Cameras have never let me down to this date and I foresee no problems with their great build quality well into the future.

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