Need a quiet alternative for pest control or plinking?

CCI’s QUIET-22 line up offers a great alternative for your silence minded shooting needs.

Check out this ballistics gel test to see just how well they perform on target.

When quiet is the name of the game years back the .22 Short cartridge out of a longer rifle barrel was about as quiet as they came. Back then the CB or BB cap cartridges might have been quieter but lacked the real punch vermin needed for a quick dispatch. CCI then came out with the CB Short and CB Long cartridges. Growing up with these great little cartridges plinking and light pest control was made easy on an almost silent level. The only problem is those light 29 grain lead round nose bullets didn’t have a lot of smack on target.

Years later the CCI QUIET-22 ammunition made a huge (and quiet) splash in the ammo industry. With now a 40 grain lead projectile there was a lot more power on target. When they started loading the segmented hollow points, well things got real interesting for the vermin eliminators.

Check out this great ballistics gel test done by YouTuber Buffalo’s Outdoors. The test certainly shows first hand what the QUIET-22 line of ammunition is capable of.

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Do you like articles about the outdoors? You can follow him @ericthewoodsman on Twitter, The Classic Woodsman on Facebook, and @theclassicwoodsman on Instagram, The Classic Survivalist, and The Classic Woodsman YouTube Channel.