What happens when in the name of science a big revolver must be destroyed?

Well this Smith & Wesson X-frame revolver is about to go into orbit.

Watch as Kentucky Ballistics kabooms this .500 S&W Magnum revolver all caught in slow motion.

Never try this, EVER! Kentucky Ballistics did the destruction for us in the name of science and of course amusement.

Ever hear of the dangers of a squib projectile in a firearm barrel? Well pressures spike and on occasion the gun kabooms into a violent dance of shrapnel and hot gases. It’s never anything you want to experience yourself.

The Smith & Wesson X-frame revolvers are of an extremely heavy duty build. It takes a lot to damage them but it can be done. A spiked high pressure load and an obstructed bore turned this behemoth revolver into a hand grenade. Check out the incredible carnage and remember, always watch out for squibs and never use questionable ammunition.

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