The back blast from the muzzle brake on a .50 BMG rifle is no joke.

These fellows are about to find out how powerful it really is.

Witness the .50 BMG fail that had every truck repair shop licking their lips.

YouTuber oncdp1 shared a video that is quite entertaining and a caution to anyone else when shooting a large caliber rifle.

The truck owner’s father is about to touch off a full magazine from his .50 BMG rifle. Look at where the muzzle brake of the behemoth caliber rifle. Yes it is facing right at the truck tail light. When the shooting begins the tail light is history. The father’s expression is priceless.

When shooting a .50 BMG rifle always watch where the muzzle brake is pointed. Shooters also to the right and left of you will also certainly appreciate it. Many thanks to YouTuber oncdp1 for sharing quite a funny but cautionary tale from their family videos.

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