How can you make a an old buffalo cartridge even better?

Load it up with smokeless powder in a modern lever action rifle.

Check out the massive power of a smokeless powder loaded .50-110 caliber rifle.

YouTuber Leverguns 50 has a powerhouse that he shares with us in this video. It is part old school in image but is all modern in power.

A modern rifle firing an old school buffalo cartridge sounds interesting right? How about when that cartridge is the ultra fat and long .50-110 that was built to cram as much black powder in it as possible back in the day? Well lets now instead load up that cartridge with smokeless powder. What you have now is an ultra hard hitting lever action rifle that blows holes in steel and makes other targets turn to dust.

This beautiful rifle has all the power that anyone could dream of too. Remember never to load smokeless powder for the vintage black powder era rifles. Those rifles with older steel were never meant to handle the pressures associated with smokeless powder. This modern rifle has the strength to stay together probably longer than anyone’s shoulder could ever hope to.

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