My friend Bruce “Buck” Nelson is quite the adventurer.

On his latest trip to the Philippines he came across these handmade bolo knives for sale.

Check out these nice looking bolo knives all made by hand by blacksmiths on the island of Camiguin, Philippines.

Former smoke jumper and die hard Alaskan woodsman Buck Nelson has paddled and traveled everywhere he can find adventure. He lived in the bush with bears all alone and wrote about it in his incredible book. He has many other adventures and the latest was his trip to the Philippines. After his latest adventure my good friend Buck sent me an email with these incredible pictures of this bolo knife maker’s store. The knives are all hammered out of old truck springs as pictured above.
These works of hand made tool art are ready for tough jungle duty. Mixed in the sale rack is also various saws and axes ready to be purchased.
Sadly traveling after buying such an impressive cutting implement would be dicey at best. From tools to weapons bolos have a long tradition of being used as both in the Philippines. Wouldn’t one of these expertly crafted tools look impressive in your man cave or out with you on your wilderness adventures? Sadly there is no “Buy It Now” button for these incredible bolo knives.

A special thank you goes out to my friend Buck Nelson for sharing the images and story with us. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Follow along on his adventures as he posts his great stories.

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