When an anti trapper sets up in front of a store he gets schooled.

True conservation requires hunting and trapping.

Hats off to this trapper that tells this anti and others what trapping is all about.

Imagine stopping by a store and seeing an anti trapper set up in front of it. He is pedaling the lies against trapping and trying to outright ban trapping all together.

The trapper in a video shared by YouTuber Chris Hathaway was not going to stand by and let this anti tell the public lies about trapping. He sets up right next to the anti and speaks out what trapping really is. The sheepish anti is all quiet and will not even defend his beliefs in the face of the truth.

As hunters, trappers and gun enthusiasts we all must stand up for our rights and what is best for conservation. Education of the public is crucial to dispel lies that our opponents preach. Let the truth ring out and long live proper conservation through hunting and trapping.

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