Deadfall traps might save your life.

In a survival situation these field expedient traps are better than gold.

Learn how to make a supersized deadfall trap for large animals.

In a true wilderness survival situation the environment around you can be your best ally. Everything is there you need right around you. All you need is the education, will and stamina to use what is provided by nature.

Take this big deadfall trap shared by YouTuber NorthSurvival. It uses the available materials with minimal need for tools (an axe and rope of course are helpful). Various versions of this deadfall trap could be implemented to catch anything from bunnies to bears. Just make sure the weight is enough to crush the prey and of course be careful!

Always check local, state and federal laws before setting any trap. In a survival situation the gloves are off and it’s all about survival. Study up on deadfall trap designs because one day it might be all you have between you and starvation.

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