Henry Arms is more than just a gun maker.

They are a true blue American company with hearts of gold.

Henry Arms latest donation helps our veterans that need it most.

Andy Wickstrom, President of Henry Repeating Arms speaks during the Day 1 of The American Legion 103rd National Convention at the Milwaukee Center in Milwaukee, Wis., on Tuesday, August 30. Photo by Hilary Ott/The American Legion

How do you give back to our veterans that have secured our freedoms? Well if you are Henry Arms you open up the wallet and shell out $50,000 to the American Legion.

Henry Arms has become a huge contributor to great causes. Whether it’s for medical bills of young children who are fighting for their lives or for the men and women that have sacrificed so much for this country, Henry Arms takes a big role on passing on a great pay it forward philosophy that I hope catches on across the nation.

Hats off to our veterans and a big thanks to Henry Arms. You truly have made a huge positive difference not just in the woods and on the shooting ranges across the country, but into our very hearts.

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