Would you shoot a depleted uranium round from your rifle?

YouTuber Oxide got a chance to try some out in this most dangerous experiment.

There are things that you can do that might cause bad effects later in life or even now. Shooting depleted uranium rounds would be high on the list! I myself would never try them or even handle them. I would caution you to also heed that advice if you ever encounter these ultra-rare and radioactive cartridges.

While depleted uranium ammunition is nothing new when it comes to large caliber anti-tank rounds such as fired from the A-10 Warthog for small arms it is quite an oddity. YouTuber Oxide got ahold of a couple of these dangerous and perhaps somewhat legality questionable cartridges. This next video explains some issues he might have encountered regarding radioactive cartridges.

Sit back and check out these completely ridiculous depleted uranium cartridges that put the fireworks into shooting body armor. Once again, never try this, EVER!

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