Tired of sitting on a less than stellar seat while hunting?

Well the Browning Huntsman Chair is a game changer!

Let’s face it, if you hunt you have sat on everything from the ground to lawn chairs. I have faced the challenge of finding a comfortable yet portable hunting chair for decades. The ground is cold and just uncomfortable. Foam pads help but offer no back support. Tiny folding stools are fragile and creaky. Buckets are just terrible. Lawn chairs are not practical and everything else is just a flat no from experience. Something better has to be out there that offers comfort, back support, adjustable, padded, easy to transport hands free, and swivels!

I checked on the Browning Camping website and behold, the Huntsman Chair! I contacted my friends there and they quickly sent me one to try complete with the Stealth Hunter Cover, an insulated cover that fits perfectly.

Here is a quick list of features that the Browning Huntsman Chair sports:

  • Shoulder strap and compression strap for chair base makes for easy transport
  • Backrest for maximum comfort
  • Legs adjust independently for uneven terrain
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Three large swivel feet help stabilize base and prevent sinking
  • Durable TechMesh material
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Compatible with the Stealth Hunter Cover (also reviewed)
Seat Width18″
Seat Depth15″
Seat Height17.5″ – 24″
Backrest Height18.5″
Folded Size24″ L x 19″ W x 7″ H
Weight13 lbs.
Weight Capacity300 lbs.

What does Browning have to say about the Huntsman Chair?

The Huntsman is pure luxury when it comes to blind chairs. It has adjustable legs, so if you’re on uneven terrain, you can still sit level. It also adjusts up and down so depending on the placement of your blind’s windows, you can sit at the height that is good for you. The large swivel feet won’t sink into the ground and help provide a solid base. It rotates 360° so you’ll always know what’s going on around you. The backrest is another great feature, to ensure you’re comfortable when sitting for hours at a time.

For the hot summer weather I really can appreciate the cooling Techmesh material. It allows maximum breathability and keeps you from getting too warm.

A handy thing in the hunting blind or outside is the ability to fold down the back rest. This allows the seat to stay clean from bird droppings that always seem to find their way on every piece of outdoor furniture I have ever sat upon.

The 4 thumb screws are what attaches the base to the seat itself. It is very quick to deploy the legs and attach the seat afield. The single bolt with the spring retainer is your main height adjustment.

The three legs extend and have great large footprint swivel feet to avoid sinking in soft ground. We have all been there where a conventional chair starts to get swallowed by the Earth itself. This helps avoid that comical yet annoying predicament.

In colder weather an insulated seat is the real winner. Enter the Stealth Hunter Cover. It easily slips on over the Browning Huntsman Chair to allow all season comfort.

Here is a backside look at the Stealth Hunter Cover. Note how the top and bottom just loop over the seat itself. Easy on and easy off!

Now the Browning Huntsman Chair is ready for cooler weather.

When the hunt is over, collapse the legs and disassemble the four screws under the seat. Fold the seat and use the two Velcro straps to hold the collapsed leg portion onto the folded seat. The shoulder strap will now easily carry the whole Browning Huntsman Chair hands free. Now that is very handy!

After testing the Browning Huntsman Chair and the Stealth Hunter Cover I can honestly say it is now my lounge chair for the wilds! I can sit longer in comfort and the swivel feature allows a quick turn to face oncoming game whether in a blind or out in the open. No more fidgeting around in discomfort for me! Now I just have to stay awake until game gets there…

The Browning Huntsman Chair and the Stealth Hunter Cover are certainly investments in comfort that will last many years to come. I highly recommend them.

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