Looking for a tall hunting blind that allows true bowhunting?

I got a chance to test out the Browning Envy Hunting Blind and this is what it’s all about.

As a 6 foot tall hunter, and an archery hunter, I have run into problems with portable hunting blinds that are just too short in height. Most are made for sitting on a little chair and not standing up. Even getting into those short stature blinds with all of my gear can be an interesting lesson in contortion. When I was offered to test out for a thorough review the Browning Envy Hunting Blind I was quite interested to see if my prayers for a better hunting blind had been answered.

First off lets take a look at all of the features listed for the Browning Envy Hunting Blind:

  • QUICKCONNECT door system for silent entry
  • SILENT-TRAC window system for limitless window positions
  • Stand-and-shoot design
  • 180° curtain-style viewing area
  • 180° strategic window placement with “shoot-thru” mesh
  • Durable 600D polyester fabric with blacked-out backing to help keep you concealed
  • Ground skirt helps conceal movement, keeps scent in and light out
  • Includes durable custom carry bag with padded shoulder straps
  • Aluminum hubs with engineered tips and pins
  • Strong and flexible fiberglass poles
  • Durable mesh windows for even better concealment
  • Accommodates long and recurve bows
  • Separating door design, make blind take down easier
  • Two camera window ports
  • Four gear pockets for storage
  • Brush loops for extra concealment
  • Deluxe stakes with tie downs included
  • Bow hanger included

After looking at what the Browning Envy Hunting Blind offers, I was anxious to try it out. Out of the box was a really handy bag holding the whole blind and accessories. It sports backpack straps to allow hands free use when walking into your hunting area for set up.

Instructions? Yes they are built into the bag so they never get lost!

As you can see below, set up and take down of the Browning Envy Hunting Blind is quite quick and simple.

Lets not forget the deluxe tiedown stakes, cords and bow rack! These are all included with the Browning Envy Hunting Blind.

In just a few minutes the Browning Envy Hunting Blind was ready for action. The Mrs. took a snap shot of me in front of it enjoying the great outdoors. As a 6 foot tall hunter I am quite amazed how tall and roomy the Browning Envy Hunting Blind really is!

The Browning Envy Hunting Blind looks quite at home and blends in well with the natural environment.

Here is a close up look at the easy access door. It allows quick in and quick out.

For hunters that have mobility issues the door is very easy to use with plenty of space. There are strong magnet door closures that can be used alone for really easy accessibility.

Setting up the Browning Envy Hunting Blind just requires grabbing the cord at the end of each side eyelets and giving it a pull until it pops into place. Each side is accomplished this way until the whole blind is up. Now you are ready to hunt!

The windows have netting and shade to allow for the perfect concealment and shooting space. There are even two camera ports to allow the filming of your hunt but be out of your way. Browning thought of everything for the Browning Envy Hunting Blind.

The construction of the Browning Envy Hunting Blind is very heavy duty. Tie down and stake your blind and worry not about if your set up will shed the weather or not.

Even at ground level there are scent mitigating ground skirt that also keeps light and cold drafts from coming in.

Reaching high I can just touch the inside of the Browning Envy Hunting Blind. That is a bunch of space other blinds do not have for the archer. It is really nice the Browning Envy Hunting Blind has that in mind.

In summary I found the Browning Envy Hunting Blind to be the best hunting blind I have ever used. Not only can I use whatever bow I want, but I also can stand up and stretch out during a long stake out without being spotted. The construction is superb, well though out, and will last in rough weather for many seasons to come. This blind was made by hunters, for hunters! If you are in the market for a do it all hunting blind, the Browning Envy Hunting Blind is a great investment.

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