Henry Arms Frontier Model Lever Action Rifle is quite a looker.

Will this rifle shoot as good as it looks?

Henry Arms graciously sent over a Frontier Model in .22 Magnum for my thorough testing.

My good friends at Silverado Arms received a rifle that just screams fun and useful all at the same time. It is a lever action rifle chambered in .22 Magnum cartridge. This smooth action rifle will lever out twelve shots in the matter of moments. Imagine this combination turned loose on a tin can or a marauding coyote? The low recoil and fast follow up on such a weapon cannot be underestimated. Lets look at what the Henry Arms Frontier Rifle is all about.
The official model number is the H001TM. The American Walnut stock has a nice dark coloration that I really like.
Check out the wood grain on the test rifle. Capped by a black plastic buttplate the classic look is quite appealing.
Henry Arms always supplies their firearms with quality stocks and forearms on their weapons. No cheap pine or poplar stocks here. Length of pull is 14″ on this sharp looking levergun.
The .22 magnum cartridge is quite a step up from the .22 long rifle in power (and also price sadly). Reaching out and smacking something harder at over 100 yards is a major plus of the .22 WMR cartridge. For regular plinking a shooter can always purchase the .22 long rifle model if more economical shooting is desired. I am however quite a fan of the .22 Magnum cartridge for fat eastern groundhogs while hunting small fields and orchards. It certainly anchors them much better than the .22 long rifle cartridge can boast.
“Made In America Or Not At All”. American made pride. You just have to love that!
The Henry Arms Frontier Rifle is 39″ in overall length and is 6.25 lbs. in weight. It is very well balanced and the lever action is smooth and positive.
The 20.5″ octagon blued steel barrel has a 1:16 rifling rate of twist.
For targeting the rear sight is a fully adjustable semi-buckhorn with diamond insert and the front sight is a brass bead. Want a scope? The 3/8″ grooved receiver will take care of that located on the black finish receiver. The 1/4 cock safety keeps all of those unsightly and in the way external safeties at bay present on competitor’s rifles. Why ruin those classic lines? Well done Henry Arms!
Range day came smack dab on a sunny, high humidity 90 degree Fahrenheit day. The show must go on and this time it was for groups and functioning. The glare was a bit much but this shooter hunkered behind his bench rest and did his best. Below the Winchester 40 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point .22 Magnum cartridges grouped 2.25″ at 50 yards.
Remington Premier .22 Winchester Magnum 33 Grain V-Max cartridges achieved a 2″ group at the same 50 yards

Hornady 30 Grain V-Max .22 Magnum cartridges was an even better 1.75″ in overall group.

Could the rifle shoot even better than the above groups? It certainly could. Cut the sun glare, add a scope or Skinner Peep Sight and this rifle’s groups would shrink for certain. Remember also with extra trigger time any shooter will improve their scores. This is certainly the case of any rifle with many more rounds through it and shooter familiarity with it. Practice practice!
Overall I found the Henry Arms Frontier Rifle a solidly built beautiful game getter and target shooter. It certainly would be at home in any collection, at any range or pursuing game. Rather have a longer barrel? I reviewed a Frontier 24″ barrel version that might just rock your world.
Be sure to check out the Henry Arms website and see all of the exciting long guns, mare legs and accessories they offer.

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