Are you looking for the ultimate in portable gun cleaning?

I got a chance to test out this gun cleaning mobile system and here is what it’s all about.

If you are an on the go hunter or frequent the gun ranges you might run into problems of gun care. Mud in the barrel or corrosive ammo can quickly turn your fun day into a non-gun day! What is needed is a mobile gun cleaning station with all of the needed accessories. How about add a stable firearm support that will keep your long gun off the ground or anywhere else it could receive damage. While we are at it, lets throw in a moveable work light so even in dark conditions after the day’s hunt you can clean your rain or snow soaked rifle or shotgun. How about even cleaning a handgun?

Sounds like a tall order right? Well Real Avid, the leader in DIY gun care products, has produced such an incredible do it all mobile gun cleaning kit and it is ready to hit the road or be used at home.

Here is a quick look at what is included in the Real Avid Bore-Max Master Gun Cleaning Kit and Mobile Workstation:

• Includes Gun Gripper™ technology for secure handling
• Smart-Assist™ Quick-Connect lighting enhances visibility during maintenance
• Bore-Max Speed Clean System™ is precisely sized for maximum bore contact and efficient bore cleaning
• Compatible with a wide range of firearm calibers, including .22 – .45 CAL Pistol, .223 CAL / 5.56MM – .30 CAL / 7.62MM Rifle and 20 & 12 GA Shotgun
• Water-resistant, durable case for tool protection
• Modular, stackable design for workspace optimization
• Integrated locking yokes for stable firearm support
• Portable workstation facilitates field and bench maintenance
• Accu-Grip™ Steel Picks ensure thorough cleaning
• Smart-Fit® Bore Guide™ protects bore during cleaning
• Ergonomic design for ease of use and efficiency
• Removable lid doubles as a drip pan or parts tray, enhancing the cleaning process
• Bore-Max 3-Piece Speed Rod with ultra-glide bearing pairs with Bore-Max Speed Clean System to promote the longevity and reliability of firearms

What does Real Avid say about the incredible DIY kit?

The Bore-Max Master Cleaning Kit and Mobile Workstation is designed to revolutionize the way firearms are maintained. This kit provides an all-in-one solution, featuring an array of precision tools and innovative technologies to ensure comprehensive caliber specific cleaning and maintenance including .22 – .45 CAL Pistol, .223 CAL / 5.56MM – .30 CAL / 7.62MM Rifle and 20 & 12 GA Shotgun. From the robust Gun Gripper™ technology ensuring secure firearm handling to the Smart-Assist™ Quick-Connect lighting for enhanced visibility, every aspect of the kit is crafted for efficiency and effectiveness. The Mobile Workstation offers unparalleled portability, allowing users to perform maintenance tasks anywhere, while the Bore-Max Speed Clean System™ guarantees a faster, more thorough cleaning process. The removable lid doubles as a drip pan or parts tray, enhancing the cleaning process. Equipped with the Bore-Max 3-Piece Smart Rod®, nickel plated double-density brushes, speed jags and a Smart-Fit® Bore Guide, this kit is engineered to deliver superior performance and reliability. It’s an essential tool for any firearm enthusiast seeking to maintain their arsenal in peak condition.

Right away I was impressed with the modular, stackable carry case complete with a folding handle. You can open it only on one side with two clasps, or you can completely remove the lid by releasing all four clasps. That lid now can become a parts bin or drip pan if you like. Very handy already!

The next layer is all of your cleaning brushes and other necessities. The bore brushes and patch holders have their own special tilting carrier that is marked for easy caliber selection. Underneath that carrier are special patches that are to be used with the Bore-Max Speed Jags.

The spring loaded Smart-Fit Bore Guide is also a very important and it has three adapters for different calibers.

Now add the cleaning brushes, steel picks, and the special three piece cleaning rod that tops off this layer in the Real Avid Bore-Max Master Cleaning Kit and Mobile Workstation.

Remove this middle tray and you will be left with the bottom one that holds the locking yokes long gun holders that fold down neatly when not in use.

It also has an incredible work light.

This rechargeable LED work light has two brightness settings and a flashlight mode. It’s bright even in the daylight!

It also has a belt clip and fits in the adjustable clip on holder that mounts right to the bottom tray on either of the four corners for easy use.

Now add the gun cleaning mat that will assure your work surfaces stay clean after the cleaning is complete. Now that is a complete gun cleaning kit!

Add your own favorite gun cleaning solvent and oil to the Real Avid Bore-Max Master Cleaning Kit and Mobile Workstation and you are ready for cleaning on the go or at home. After testing it out I found it to be very portable, works great, and is the perfect accessory for the shooting enthusiast and hunter on the go. I highly recommend it!

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