Are you looking for the very best turkey hunting vest?

I got to try out the Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest and here is how it performed.

When looking for a turkey vest, or any other gear for that matter, function is of the utmost importance. Quality also is a major player for long term use of an item that will get lots of rough wear out in the woods. (I modeled this vest in clashing colors so you could really see it over my regular darker turkey hunting clothing.)

That is where the Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest comes into play. Here is a quick look at just some of the features:

Precision Ergonomics & Comfort

Durable, Waterproof & Briar Proof (Cordura)

Ample & Configurable Storage

Adjustable for Everyone

Large & Expandable Game Bag

Designated Water Bladder Routing

Ultra Lightweight

The Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest is built with modularity in mind. The user can purchase pouches that can be attached via the proven MOLLE/PALS systems. Set up your vest the way you like it, and to your dimensions. No more sloppy big box retail store vests that are ill fitting and uncomfortable.

Did I mention this is a licensed Mossy Oak product? Mossy Oak Original Bottomland is this color pattern and it is perfect for sitting up against a big ole tree waiting for your gobbler to make a slip up and end up in your freezer.

Out of the box with all of the various pouches, vest and seat you have a blank slate. Now is the time to put together your ultimate turkey hunting vest.

First we will look at the Utility/Box Call Pouch. The front small pocket has a magnetic clasp that holds it firmly in place. The main pocket has a double zipper that is non-rattle. Inside, there are two separated compartments and a main bigger one ready to hold your box call or other items safely.

On the back of the pouch note the double MOLLE/PALS system straps. How you use these is loop them back and forth through the loops on the vest itself. Add the pouch where you want it in that manner and it stays in place perfectly.

The Cord Lock Water Bottle Pouch is a no brainer. Stay hydrated out there!

Once again the MOLLE/PALS system is utilized by two straps to keep the Cord Lock Water Bottle Pouch where you want it on the Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest.

The next really useful pouch for the Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest is the Waterproof Ammo Box. It features a front pocket with 4 shotshell loops, and inner zippered pocket with 8 shotshell loops, and a magnetic flap lid.

The back of the pouch has the double straps like the previous ones do also.

What about a Diaphragm Mouth Call Pouch? The handy 3 pocket call pouch has you covered!

It also will let the calls dry while housed in the pouch.

This little pouch gets one strap to strap anywhere on your Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest. I prefer it attached on the right shoulder strap where it is quite handy at a moments notice.

The Pot Call Pouch works great with your favorite slate calls and anything else that you don’t want to lose in the woods. The inner zippered pocket as two separated pockets and the main one. The outer pocket has an elastic band to hold it closed and there is even a small front pocket with a magnetic flap closure.

The back has that great vest attachment system.

Here is a little look into the top of the Pot Call Pouch.

The Quick Grab Ammo Pouch allows you ammo at your fingertips in a hurry with the magnetic closure flap. There are 10 shotshell loops inside the main compartment. There is also a zippered front pocket with 5 more shotshell loops.

The Waterproof Electronics Pouch has a real soft lining and is perfect for your smart phone. There is also a small mesh pocket and gear loops on the outside.

The Modular MOLLE Flip-Down Seat Pad is very well made!

Inside the tough outer Cordura fabric is a firm but very comfortable seat pad.

The inside of the Flydown Vest itself is very well padded all in the right spots. With 4 belt and chest adjustment straps and buckles a sure fit is achieved for all users. The straps are also adjustable too.

The large back zippered pocket is quite interesting. Add a light jacket, your water bladder, or really anything else you like. A large game bag that is also front loading is very handy too.

Here is a look into the inside of the back pocket.

When you put it all together the Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest is a system and not just a vest. It’s tough, and is handy not only for turkey but other game also. There is even a blaze orange version for the big game hunter.

The Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest is very comfortable and is easily adaptable to your needs. Whether worn over warmer clothes, or over light warm weather clothing, the adjustable nature allows it to have a custom fit no matter what you are wearing.

I highly recommend the Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest for not just turkey hunting, but for also wandering around the woods with your gear easily accessible. Be sure to check out all of the great features that I commented on and many others I may have overlooked on the Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest website.

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