“High capacity” has been around way longer that anti-gunners want you to believe.

This old pinfire revolver had a standard capacity of 30 rounds almost a century ago.

Take a look at the revolver that put lots of firepower in your hand way back when.

Anti-gun zealots would like you to believe that “high capacity” is a new concept in this modern day. Glock pistols and other handguns holding over 10 rounds are not the end all in new firepower. The quest for more round count goes way back to the pinfire cartridge era way back around 1850.

In this video by YouTuber Royal Armouries shared all about the pinfire revolver craze. There was a 20 round revolver. Then that had to be one upped. The Lefeuchaux pinfire revolver was unlike many of the others as it had a full 30 round capacity. That revolver is said to be from around 1925 so it was quite late to the pinfire era. Think about that. Politicians are wining about even 10 round magazines are too much firepower for law abiding citizens to own. Really? A standard capacity Glock 17 pistol magazine of 17 cartridges is just a weapon of mass destruction? Well, they need to take a step back in time and educate themselves that it’s not a gun problem after all…

Next time you hear about “magazine or gun control” remember this 30 shot revolver from almost 100 years ago…

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