Danger lurks near every cast. 

That is exactly the case when you fish with this guy.

Witness the angler in action that is a danger to everyone around him.

There was a song that was popular in the 1980’s. The lyrics went something like “when a good time comes around you must whip it…” Well this angler must live those lyrics and that tune is always playing in his head.

This video posted on Facebook by Bowls and Poles shows this talented whip master…I mean “angler” in action. The first hit on camera was right to the back of his fishing buddy’s head. That took that fellow to the deck in pain. Did this Zoro impersonator get the idea to be careful? No way, he smacks his fishing cohort again.

Use this video as a cautionary tale. Better screen your fishing buddies better than the other guy did in this video.

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