What would you do if you got shot at while fishing?

These anglers out in their boat had a bullet hit way too close.

Witness the scene unfold as some guy takes a shot at fishermen out in a lake.

You and your buddy are out on the lake fishing in your boat. The scene is very calm and the outing is perfect. Well that is up until some guy takes a shot at you from the shoreline with a rifle.

In a video shared by YouTuber bassinbill96 we see the whole frightening scene happen. There was no warning when the shot rang out and the bullet hit the water right next to the fishermen’s boat. A “homeowner” along the shore is off in the distance with a rifle. He then shrugs and walks away. How unsafe is that!

If the anglers would have been hit by the bullet on impact or even ricochet it could have been deadly. Hopefully the shooter in this instance was brought to justice for his incompetent shooting of a rifle at these anglers.

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