The iconic AK-47 rifle has been the stuff of legends for reliability.

How much of those stories are actually true about this rifle?

YouTuber IV8888 fires one full auto and the results are astounding.

In the world of military weapons the AK-47 has an almost indestructible reputation of reliability. In combat the full auto (true AK-47 not the sporting semi-automatic versions) have been pulled out of sand and rice paddies. When cleared of barrel obstructions these weapons fire off a full magazine of cheap military ammunition in the blink of an eye.

Why not test a full auto version and see what will happen with continuous non stop shooting? That’s exactly what YouTuber IV8888 did. Magazine after magazine the AK-47 kept on shooting. Then the forearm began to burn. It just kept shooting. Firing stopped when the bolt was sticking from all of the massive heat. It still could go on with a little cool down period for certain.

Once again the AK-47 rifle comes out as one of the world’s most reliable weapons. With a test like this how could anyone disagree. They just plain run in almost impossible conditions. Well done Kalashnikov. You sir made one heck of a legendary weapon!

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