It’s just a .22 right?

Well a .22 rifle can reach out farther than many think.

Watch this video and see why there are distance warning labels on .22 ammunition boxes.

Most of us have read on the inside of a box of .22 ammunition “Dangerous Within 1-1/2 Miles” or some other similar distance. Come on it can’t go that far can it many shooters think. Well, the warning labels are true.

YouTuber MarkandSam AfterWork decided to load up a really accurate .22 rifle fed with CCI Velocitor .22 Long Rifle ammunition. How far was the steel target? Well a full distant 1013 yards away. With the help of his spotter and dusty poofs of bullet impacts he actually hits the target on multiple shots.

Remember at 1013 yards a .22 bullet makes a nice PING! on a steel target. If that was another hunter or a farmer in a field it would certainly hurt. Be cautious and always make sure you have a good backstop, even for the lowly .22 LR cartridge.

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