Darwin Awards can be achieved with the help of gravity.

This hiker got too close to a waterfall’s edge and took a long tumble.

Witness her actual camera footage as this hiker falls off a 50′ waterfall.

In a video shared on YouTube by Inside Edition we witness a hiker that has just broken a cardinal rule of hiking. That would be always to be careful as help may not be close by.

This hiker is filming her hike to the top of a waterfall. She gets dangerously close to the edge to look into the bottom 50′ below. She makes her last fateful step right on a slippery spot where algae has made it slippery from the running water. Her last words are “WOE…” and down she went with just a short scream halfway down. The next we see is a murky underwater world which she claws her way out of. Moaning in pain she can barely call for help. She is lucky others hear her cries and come to her aid.

As an outdoorsman for all of my life I cannot fathom the risks this hiker took. She sounded like she was in another world and not paying attention to the dangerous surroundings. If she watched where she was stepping and stayed away from the edge her hike would have been a positive memorable one. Instead she almost died. Also she put search and rescue and a helicopter crew in jeopardy to save her life. Use your head where ever you may be. Play it smart or the predicament you find yourself in maybe hazardous to your health and others that come to help you.

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