Would you fire the mighty .700 Nitro Express chambered rifle?

Well these guys got a chance and the recoil looks like it packs a punch.

Watch this video and ask yourself if you would be up to firing this beast.

Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger with proper stance and hope for the best. These guys on video shared by YouTuber Ralph Badenhorst Bespoke Rifles are testing out a custom built .700 Nitro Express rifle. It is loaded for elephants and the target shooting is nothing less than epic.

If you are a fan of recoil then the .700 Nitro Express is perfect for you. Well, figure each shot is around $100 on average so better have deep pockets along with a tough shoulder.

Sit back and watch these shooters get their shoulders and corneas beat into submission. The big question is would you pull that trigger?

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