Think recoil hurts?

Well this petite huntress has you beat.

Witness this huntress behind the trigger of a .458 Winchester Magnum Rifle.

There is a certain politician and others out their that think a tiny .223 Remington caliber rifle is traumatic in power and recoil. This comes from a full grown adult man that is obviously making things up. What would happen if they fired a real big game hunting cartridge? How about a big bore cartridge ready for elephants and big bears?

YouTuber Katharina Vikør stepped behind the stock of a heavy kicker. This petite huntress is small in stature but recoil will not dissuade her. She fires not one but two shots from a .458 Winchester Magnum Rifle. Recoil? You bet but this tough shooter hits the target on the second shot with an impressive blast of large bore power.

Next time someone complains about recoil think of Katharina Vikør. She has just proved she is tougher than they are. Hats off to her and all the huntresses and shooters. There is always room for you out in the wilds and ranges.

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