Great idea or sacrilegious?

Would you modify your shotgun stock like this?

Take a look at this shotgun stock modification and ask yourself would you do that?

The home gunsmith can do many things to help with their firearms fit and functionality. Add buttstock shell holder to increase your carry capacity on your shotgun itself. Maybe mount a shell holder on the receiver itself out of the way or have a sling that also holds spare shells.

What about this? In a video shared by Facebook user Jimmy Diresta we witness a shotgun stock modification. It is meant to hold extra loaded shotshells at the ready. There are two thoughts to this video that pop up personally to me. First is “what is he doing! He is ruining that beautiful stock!” The other thought is a practical sense that says “carry more ammo and it’s function over fashion“.

With so many reactions to this video what do you think? Cool or pass?

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