This coyote was coming in for the kill.

What the predator did not know is it would end up in this hunter’s lap.

Witness a coyote run over a hunter that is almost unbelievable if not captured on video.

Many hunters might picture a sneaky coyote stealth-fully approaching a hunter calling it. It’s senses are on high alert and ready to run away at any moment.

Well that certainly is not this coyote. The cunning predator streaks toward the calling hunter at top speed. The coyote never realizes it is a hunter calling it until it literally runs over the man. Now that is a hunting story that luckily had video proof shared by MOJO Outdoors on YouTube that it actually happened.

Next time you are coyote hunting you might want to pack a shotgun or fast firing rifle. You might just need to hit a fast approaching coyote doing mach 3 towards you. Don’t shoot until you see the white’s of it’s eyes.

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