Snow gets a bad rap from the majority of the population.

As a hunter I see the white fluffy stuff in a positive light.

Here are my 7 reasons why I love to hunt in snow.

Where is all the game?

North American Bear Center

Written in the white slate laid out before you in the wilds is a written record. It entails all of the activity that has gone on since the last snowfall covered up the older tracks. Want to know where deer, rabbits or predators are running? Take a slow careful walk and the story will unfold before your very eyes.

No bugs!

Who likes biting insects? Well not me for one. When biting deer flies, mosquitoes and ticks get too much the winter snow wipes the nuisances away. I can certainly enjoy that.

Beat the heat!

The Classic Woodsman

Anyone that knows me well is aware I am not a fan of extreme heat. As a northerner I prefer the cool north woods in the winter over that of the sweltering summer temperatures.


The soft fallen snow muffles all sound. This includes the annoying background noises when hunting in suburban areas. It sure is a peaceful hunt when the snow absorbs the sound of even your very footsteps.

Hungry country

When snow covers the ground animals are in hunger mode. Hunt the few food areas that are left uncovered by the sea of snow. These areas will be identified by tracks in the snow of course.

See farther

When the leaves have blown off the trees and the snows have flattened the high grasses another world appears. The previous hiding places of game may now be right out in the open. Bring binoculars and search your new longer field of vision for uncovered game.

Less competition

Cold weather and deep snows keep out less dedicated hunters from the wilds. Enjoy the serenity of the less crowded woods while others are busy sitting on the couch back home.

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