Are you in the market for a tough as nails hunting blind? Look no further than the incredible Rhino Hunting Blind.

The great folks at Rhino Blinds based in Elyria, Ohio sent us out one very tough hunting blind to review for our readers. The camouflage coloration we picked is the Mossy Oak Break Up Country. What you find when you open the box is quality that is heads and shoulders above other hunting blind options that are available today.

The blind comes inside of its own transportation bag that measures 50″x 11″ x 8″. This bag is supplied with two shoulder straps that double as backpack straps with a chest buckle connecting both to each other. The bag has an outside zippered accessory pocket that measures 10″ x 7″. This houses the included instruction sheet that has pictures of the actual set up and is on a plastic type paper for long life. Supplied also are 12 black painted 8″ long metal stakes and 4 tie down cords. The bag is stitched heavily and made from the same heavy True 600 denier polyester material as the Rhino Blind itself. The package weighs in at around 26 pounds.


Opening the bag, we find the disassembled blind. Get out your instruction sheet and take a look before you go any farther. The set-up is really easy once you learn the correct way, illustrated by actual pictures on the instruction sheet. Practice in your backyard before you set out on your hunting trip. It is also a great way to really mess with your neighbors, too. In reality, though set up time is less than five minutes. All it really takes is folding out the panels and pulling on the cords placed on the hubs popping them in place similar to some umbrellas. It is that easy.


Windows by goodness there are windows all the way around the Rhino Blind to keep an eye out for your game. On 2 sides there is a completely camouflaged “shoot through” mesh window that is 15″ high. The other sides have the triangle shaped door along with 2 mesh windows that measure 8″ x 21″ and 3 other drop down panel covered 17″ x 10″ windows that are mesh less. All of the mesh windows are on the blind with Velcro so they can be removed if the owner wishes to at any time. A triangle shaped panel on the roof also zips open providing an aerial view and a great way to stay cool in hot weather. Air flow with all of the windows open is incredible. The Rhino blind would be a great pick for a hot hunting day.


What about cold hunting conditions? Once again, the Rhino Blind comes prepared. With the ultra thick material, heat can be retained well inside when the extra windows are sealed shut. The open bottom design leads us to wonder if the Rhino Blind just might make a dandy ice fishing shack too.

There are eight tie down loops on the bottom of the blind. The straps on the side of the blind can be tied down with the supplied cords also to keep the Rhino Blind rock solid even in hurricane force winds. This certainly will come in handy for those windy frozen northern winters.

The material itself is treated with water repellent, UV blocking, and anti-microbial treatments. This keeps the camouflage coloring well through much abuse, the hunters dry and the material from growing mold and mildew out in the wilds.

Our count of 17 material straps located all over the outside of the blind with four spaces each allow the hunter to place branches or other foliage for a customized camouflage field upgrade.

With the 60″x 60″ of floor space and a center height of 71″ there is plenty of room for you and your hunting partner. My wife and I are looking forward to hunting deer and turkey this fall together in this super tough Rhino Hunting Blind. I will also be lowering the coyote population in the near future with the great concealment of the Rhino Blind. Our readers will certainly see more of this Rhino Blind this hunting season.


A hunting blind of this quality has many advantages over a treestand when the cold winds howl and when it is raining. There certainly is no danger of falling out of a ground blind onto the hard ground below. This blind is also at home hunting predators, turkeys or unzip the roof section down to hunt some high flying waterfowl. The quick set up of under five minutes has you in the hunt within moments. Try that with your treestand.

The quality is just incredible. The extremely tough material has equally tough hardware to keep you hunting blind going for many years to come. Heavy duty reinforcement of areas of extra stress keep the blind in tip top condition to give you the best edge against your prey species of choice.

Available in a vast assortment of other camouflage choices the Rhino Hunting Blind is a must buy for the serious hunter. Our friends at customer service are there to help you with any questions you may have on this hunting blind that is revolutionizing the hunting industry. Stop using those cheap discount hunting blinds and step up to a Rhino Hunting Blind. You certainly will be glad you did for many hunting seasons to come.